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The First Visit

As at any clinic, the first thing you will do on your initial visit is to complete any needed paperwork. You will fill out forms to let us know about you and your general health along with any specific problems you may be having. We will also ask you to fill out any forms that may be required by your insurance company and/or the government. If you have insurance, we would be happy to contact your insurance company to verify coverage while you are completing the paperwork.

After the paperwork has been completed, the doctor will review the information you have provided and conduct a comprehensive examination and health history. If your condition requires that x-rays must be taken, the doctor will take them at the time of the exam.

The doctor will then review all of the information obtained from your exam, health history and x-rays (if taken) and discuss the results with you. At this time the doctor will be ready to suggest a specific plan of treatment for you. If chiropractic care is chosen, it is likely to include one or more adjustments of the spine. Please keep in mind that although you might only be experiencing pain or other “problems” in a specific part of your back, it is fairly common that the doctor will adjust other parts of the spine. This is done because parts of your spine, other than the “problem” area may be out of alignment, and although not causing a noticeable problem, it may be contributing to your current condition.

After the adjustments, depending on your condition, the doctor may also suggest other therapies that may include hot/cold therapies, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation or others.

Finally, after the doctor has finished with the adjustments, she will discuss your future plan of treatment. This plan may recommend further appointments, stretching, hot or cold therapy at home or other treatment choices. Remember, it is our job to provide you with the best care and options that fit your life style. As always, it is your choice how much care you want.